Fine Art

Using art to intrigue and to facilitate conversation.


Solo Exhibition: Underpinnings

‘Climate change’ calls to mind images of increasingly severe wildfires and droughts and stranded polar bears, but there are devastating changes taking place beneath the surface of the seas due to ocean acidification (sometimes referred to as ‘global warming’s evil twin’ in the media), the mostly invisible and cataclysmic effects of which will reverberate through marine ecosystems as well as human communities worldwide.

In this debut show, Rachel Lee, an interdisciplinary artist with a keen interest in the sciences as well as contemporary drawing and painting, visually highlights recent findings about the many ocean species being impacted by the changing ocean chemistry, from familiar oysters and corals, to the fascinating and alien world of the microscopic zooplankton that line the foundation of ocean food webs.

Thesis Exhibition: Scatterfold


As one of the graduating fine art seniors at Pomona College, I presented a series of works in a joint exhibition. It offered me the opportunity to share my musings about our cultural obsession with post-apocalyptic narratives. In addition to the salon gallery featuring mixed media works and the large scale still life, there was a chair where a visitor could sit and read through an artist-made book.