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Wunderkammer, or, "wonder room," was the precursor to the modern museum, featuring objects collected by a patron, often pertaining to natural history, geology, archaeology, and art. Also called "cabinet of curiosities," these collections reflect the human impulse to document, possess, categorize, and display our observations of the world around us. This series of works represents my own collection, sometimes a documentation of topics and objects that catch my interest, and other times explorations of visual vocabulary of scientific illustrations.


My thesis show at Pomona College offered me the opportunity to share my musings about our cultural obsession with post-apocalyptic narratives. In addition to the salon gallery featuring mixed media works and the large scale still life, there was a chair where a visitor could sit and read through an artist-made book.



The sequential and immersive quality of books are used to explore a different way of experiencing visual media in this series of handmade books.